Concerts and master classes

2013 - 2014 season


June, 25

Serpukhov. Provincial Professional College. From June 25 to July 1. III summer guitar school of Alexander Vinitsky

July, 22

Moscow. Jazz club of Alexey Kozlov. Concert "Fly Me To The Moon" - duet Ekaterina Chernousova (keyboards, jazz vocal) and Aleskandr Vinitsky (guitar)

August, 25

Novosibirsk. 25-29 of August. Summer guitar school of Alexander Vinitsky

October, 13

13.10.2018 Moscow. Book club Hyperion. Concert of chamber jazz music "Tea for two". Duet Alexander Vinitsky (guitar) and Lev Serov (Viola) The program includes jazz compositions on the themes of V.Yumans, G.Arlen, G.Shiring, J.Straichey, H.Link, R.Rodgers, H.Carmichael, F.Churchill.

October, 18

Pscov. College of the Arts. Seminar "Features performance of jazz music on the classical guitar"

October, 20

Oriol. Philharmonic. Recital

October, 21

Moscow, Cultural Center "Stimulus" Concert of jazz music at the Alexander Vinitsky Guitar School. Duo Ekaterina Chernousova (jazz vocals, keyboards) and Alexander Vinitsky (guitar)

October, 23

Moscow. Cultural Center "Stimulus". Jazz concert duet Katya Chernousova (jazz vocal, keyboards) and Alexander Vinitsky (guitar). Started at 4.30 p.m.

October, 27

Arkhangelsk. Philharmonic. Solo concert, master classes.

November, 04

Moscow. Book club Hyperion. Jazz concert of the duet - Ekaterina Chernousova (keyboards, jazz vocals) and Alexander Vinitsky (guitar)

November, 17

Krasnoyarsk. November 17-18, work in the jury of the competition. Concert, master classes.

November, 24

Voronezh. Book Club "Petrovsky". Solo jazz concert "Star dust"

2019 January, 04

Moscow. 4-8 of January. School of Arts Y.S.Saulsky. Winter guitar author's school of Alexander Vinitsky

2019 January, 20

Moscow. "Philharmonia-2". Small hall Concert "Little musical stories" The guitarist and composer Alexander Vinitsky plays and tells

2019 January, 27

Zhukovsky, Moscow region. House of Scientists. Solo concert "Star Dust". The music of the "Golden Era of Jazz".

2019 February, 15

Penza. Guitar competition. Chairman of the jury. Concert

2019 March, 03

Moscow, Chamber Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic. Subscription concert "Jazz improvisations for two guitars" Alexander Rodovsky takes part in the concert

2019 March, 24

Murmansk. Philharmonic. Concerts with string quartet of the Murmansk Philharmonic

2019 April, 17

Moscow, Jazz Club "Essays". Concert of the duet Alexander Vinitsky(guitar) and Katya Chernousova (jazz vocal, keyboards)


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