Alexander Vinitsky - famous Russian jazz and classical guitarist, composer and arranger , musician with an extensive repertoire and original , exquisite taste and its specific style of performance , which can be called " Jazz on the classical guitar ," which are connected and mutually enrich each other's tradition of classical guitar and jazz music . Orchestral thinking, musical erudition , excellent mastery of the art arrangements and jazz styles , and the filigree technique and rhythmic freedom inner musician , designed to maximize opportunities to expand the boundaries of the classical guitar .

Alexander Vinitsky was born in Omsk, Russia(a Siberia) in 1950. He graduated from Russian Academy of Music(RAM). He is an active concert performer. Concerts he combines composing with activity. He writes music for solo guitar, duets for guitars and guitar duets with strings, guitar and string quartet, guitar and chamber, symphonic orchestra, for guitar quartet. His music is performed both in Russia and around the world. His works are published in France(Lemoine), Belgium(Imprimus), USA (Mel Bay), Poland (Marcus, ABSONIC) and Russia(Presto).

Alexander Vinitsky recorded 7 CD's with different programs solos and duets: Traveling in Time (Solo), Yellow camel(solo), Romantic of Jazz (duo with saxophone), Duo «ViP» (duo with percussion), Duo «DIALOG» (duo with jazz violin), “Only Blues” (duo guitars), «Beautiful Love» (with jazz vocal)

He wrote music for Swiss guitar quartet  EOS - "Russian fantasy" to their 20th jubilee. Participated in this project Leo Brouwer (Cuba) John McLaughlin (UK), Paco de Lucia (Spain), Roland Dyens (France), Sergio Assad (Brazil).

He conducts master classes, seminars on “Classical guitar in jazz” and also conducts author guitar summer school in Russia and abroad. Program: styles - bossa nova, blues, jazz – samba, swing, jazz, rock, stride, new age. Also in program include guitar orchestra and rhythm exercises. Special seminars - development of the internal sense of rhythm. How to overcome the fear of being wrong and get rid of stiffness.

 Concert programs

"Stardust" - Solo jazz program where performs own compositions and arrangements for jazz themes prominent composers : G. Gershwin , D. Ellington , R. Rodgers , A.C. Jobim and others.

"Walk in the blues mood " - a program with state String quartets  of M.Glinka . In this program, sound music of  Alexander Vinitsky and his arrangements of famous “jazz standards”.

"Beautiful Love" - a program with a jazz singer Catherine Balykbaeva . The program performs a song in the style of Brazilian bossa nova composers Chico Buarque, Caetano Veloso, A.C.Jobim, J. Cosma and jazz compositions for guitar solo.

"Prelude to a Kiss" - jazz program guitar and chamber orchestra . The program includes own compositions A.Vinitsky and arrangements themes of D. Ellington G.Gershwin , P. Dezmond , H.Carmichael etc.

"Masterpieces of jazz classics " - jazz program with pianist Andrey Rudenko .

"Carousel" - children's jazz program. The program consists of jazz miniatures that Alexander Vinitsky written in his childhood jazz works : "Children's jazz album 1 & 2" , Children's jazz suite " Carousel ."

 Concert location:

Name of Alexander Vinitsky is well known in many countries . His performances took place in Israel , Germany, England , Poland, USA , Hungary, France , Belgium, Greece , the Baltic countries , Kazakhstan. Performances A Vinitsky held in Russia , in concert halls of major cities and festivals of jazz and classical music.

 Publishing :

Works of Alexander Vinitsky published in France (Lemoine), Belgium (Imprimus), Poland (Marcus, ABSonic), USA (Mel Bay) and Russia ( Presto )

Presto ( Russia )

Mel Bay ( USA )

Lemoine ( France )

ABSonic ( Poland )

Many of the works published in Russia A.Vinitsky  privately by the author. They can be found on the website :

 Pedagogical and educational activities :

Alexander Vinitsky - known teacher . For 10 years he worked at the State Musical Gnesin’s College - (Moscow) ( classical guitar , the basics of improvisation and arrangement , the basics of jazz harmony and accompaniment ensemble) . Taught the basics arrangements and ensemble at the University of Tartu (Estonia) . Holds annual copyrights workshops and master classes in Russia and abroad.

Holds copyrights guitar summer school in Russia, Lithuania , Latvia and Estonia. Is the author of a series of seminars "Classical guitar in jazz ", "The Art of Accompaniment ", " Teacher and student . Initial learning period"," Features of jazz music on a classical guitar "

Alexander Vinitsky written many works that have become popular and included in the curriculum , as well as programs of competitions . On the basis of these studies many teachers of music schools and colleges hold open lessons and workshops , engaged by the method of Alexander Vinitsky .


Classical Guitar Magazine, England, Colin Cooper

“…his composition, always good-mannered and civilized, easy on the ear…quiet, unassuming, modest, yet with self-assurance, a considerable technique…and a lot of Russian Charm.”

Classical Guitar Magazine, England, Paul Fowles

“It’s not often that a reviewer is heard shouting “Eureka!” but I came close very close to it on reading through this marvelous set of six studies (published by the French publishing house “Lemoine”). Here it is at last; jazz for the classical guitar which sounds like a real thing. Vinitsky gets ever thing right.  His writing is one hundred percent guitarist, and yet he never once lapses into the age-old cliches…, also knows how to write a good tune, the final study(subtitle Eugenia) being one of thos catchy encore pieces you just can’t get out of your head.”

Classical Guitar Magazine, England, Arie Laesch

“An example of intellectual and poetical jazz was Alexander Vinitsky, who plays pure jazz on a classical guitar with no additions or technical effects whatsoever, proving that the instrument has an abundance of musically expressive possibilities.”

Newspaper «Noviny», Poland, Yazek Ostrovski

“From the first moments onward in his concert, Alexander Vinitsky created a warm and calm atmosphere. Showing the huge capacities of his instrument, artistically changing the mood, he brought us from hot rhythms of South America to the climate of his own compositions, full of nostalgia, reflections and meditation”

 Nespaper «Vremena Goda», Russia, Andrei Tretyakov

“It was the music - simple, complicated, lyrical, sensual, austere and academic – all in all, it was moving and unpredictable as quicksilver, sultry blast as sirocco wind, filigree relief of Gothic churches. It was a jazz painting in the frame of classic guitar”

Alexander's albums:

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