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Bay Mir Bistu Shein

Bay Mir Bistu Shein



Waltz "Memoirs" for guitars quartet

Waltz "Memoirs"

Walk In Blues Mood for guitars quartet

Walk in Blues Mood

"The Night Express" for quartet of guitars, bass and percussion

The Night Express

Two Quartets of Guitars

Two Quartets of Guitars: Tango "Night For Us" and Waltz-grotesque "Good Morning!"

Tango "Night For Us"

Waltz-grotesque "Good Morning!"

TEA FOR TWO (V.Yuomans) for quartet of guitars

Tea For Two

Jazz For Classical Guitar Made Easy(MEL BAY, USA) This original music for solo and duo guitar features beautiful melodies and convenient fingering and is very easy to perform. The author's comments explain how to move from classical style to jazz. The pieces, divided into two chapters, Etudes and Pieces, are written in different jazz styles: Swing, Bossa Nova, and Blues. Their melodies are perfect and their harmonies refined. Seven duets are included which may be played either by two guitars or by guitar and a melody instrument. They have fine melodies and are easy to perform. The first part can be played by the beginner. These duets can be used in teaching situations with teacher and student playing together. Written in notation only.

ETUDE 6(Slow Blues)

ETUDE 5(Bossa nova)




CHARPA(favorite dog)

Jazz Suite "Karusel"(ABsonic, Poland) Content: Favourite worm of wild strawberries, Boy riding a donkey merry, Something unusual happened in the magic forest, Curious, Karusel

Belloved Little Worm From Wild Strawberries

Something Happened In A Wonder Forest

A Child Rides A Merry Donkey


Merry - Go - Round

Blues chord progressions, blues scales + CD (ABsonic, Poland) This collection can be regarded as an educational tool for those who want to learn how to play and improvise accompany Blues . Blues are in harmonic revolutions of 2 types - traditional and archaic , in the main 12 - measures form. Also given to every blues scale blues in 14 major and minor keys , in the notation and tablature writing . Collection is equipped with CD-ROM with examples where recorded accompaniment and improvisation on 44 tracks. 1st track - this setting . For each of the 14 blues ( with chords ) recorded two blues harmonic options - archaic and traditional , as well as one track as an example of accompaniment and solo (improvisation ) , the second track for improvisation of the student or the so-called "minus one".

9 Concert Jazz Compositions For Classical Guitar (arrangement by Alexander Vinitsky)

Content: Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!(J, Zavinul), Lady, Be Good! (G.Gershwin), Blues in Bb (J.Pass), The Spring is Goes (I.Dunaevskiy), Blue Moon (R.Rodgers), Great Love (A.C.Jobim), The Entertainer (S.Joplin), Caravan (D.Ellington, Tizol), Love for Sale(C.Porter)

Easy Jazz For Classical Guitar + CD (ABsonic, Poland) Content: Exercises, developing a sense of rhythm and coordination of finger movements of the right hand, Etude - Sequent, Etude in the form of blues, Two Etudes, Blues, Girlfriend ( Stride )Piece in Stride style , Duet: Salted peanuts, Doll for Natalie, Happy couple, Rain Song , At sunset, Acrobat.

The Most Beautiful Composition of Alexander Vinitsky (ABsonic, Poland) Content: Jazz Aria, Etude "Eugenia", Samba "Yellow Camel", Song For Tom, I Waiting For You Tonight In Small Cafe, Water and Light, Samba For Five

Jazz Aria

Samba "Yellow Camel"

Song For Tom

BOSSA NOVA. Antonio Carlos Jobim

5 concert composition on the basis on themes of A.C.Jobim in arrangement by Alexander Vinitsky. Content: How Insensitive, Once I Love, Jazz Samba, One Not Samba, Great Love

How Insensitive

Once I Loved

One Note Samba

Jazz Samba

Great Love

On the way to jazz (Lemoine, France) Six etudes for guitar solo

Lone voice (Lemoine, France) Four concert compositions for guitar solo: Lonely Voice, Waiting For News, Traveling in Time, Green Soft Light

Blues and Jazz Preludes for Classical Guitar + CD (Mel Bay, USA) The collection included 21 plays and it consists of 3 parts. In the first part 12 is not difficult pieces in the form of 12 - bar blues , 12 major and minor keys . In the second part 3 bright jazz concert pieces , in the form of 12 - bar blues . In the third part of this collection of 6 small jazz preludes.

BLUES #1 in Em

BLUES # 2 in D





Jazz etudes and exercises for classical guitar + CD (Mel Bay, USA) The collection includes 7 jazz etudes in the style of Swing, Latin , Samba, Jazz-Rock and Blues . And 11 exercises - 3 exercises on the technique of " walking bass " and exercises developing fluency, based on 2- octave major scale and range of the "tone - semitone ."





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